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You’ve read that we specialize in the Sports, Outdoor and Fitness industries. It is our roots.  It’s what we stand for and what we love to do.


We can help you in a variety of ways. While our company mission is that “We Create Sell-Through", we are consultative in our approach. Often times a potential client comes to us thinking they have one issue, but our solution is on a much higher or lower level. In any case it’s detailed and we deliver on our promises.


Approaches on sell in, planogram maintenance, product training clinics and repackaging are a handful of services that we provide. Often times our client tells us “I don’t know exactly what the problem is, but…”

Together we look for, and find, the solution(s)


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Marty Lillis


Franklin Retail Solutions


The leading provider of in-store intelligence, merchandising, and marketing services for the Sports, Fitness, and Outdoor industries.